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Product Image Ken Kagami: Freaky Boy and Freaky Dog

Ken Kagami: Freaky Boy and Freaky Dog

Freaky Boy and Freaky Dog, tells the story of the complicated relationship between a dog and boy through a collection of 46 drawings by Ken Kagami.

Ken Kagami is a Tokyo-based artists whose work uses parody and appropriation to rework familiar cultural icons in whimsical, often uncomfortable ways. Past projects have included his 2015 “intimate portrait session” at Frieze London, and collaborations with the band Deerhoof. Since 2010, Kagami has operated the Strange Store, a retail space in Tokyo that sells clothing, objects, and printed ephemera.

Softcover, 4.3 inches × 7.1 inches, 96 Pages, New Documents 2016/2018.

First Editon features a freaky boy and dog drawing and has white interior pages.

Second Edition's cover is shown here and has yellow interior pages.

$ 12.00