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Product Image Wolfman Books: New Life Quarterly

Wolfman Books: New Life Quarterly

New Life Quarterly is the quarterly arts and culture magazine from Wolfman Books. Founded in 2017, the magazine explores the intersections of art and community, highlighting the exuberant and experimental margins—providing a platform for contributors and readers whose identities exist at often overlooked intersections of race, class, gender nonconformity, and sexuality to cultivate and connect. Including profiles, columns, reviews, features, as well as selected poetry, fiction, art portfolios and non-fiction, New Life Quarterly is a platform for both emerging and established writers and artists who navigate the exuberant, overlooked, experimental margins. It’s locally centered in the Bay Area, but reaches far beyond.

Wolfman Books is a bookstore, small press, and community arts hub in downtown Oakland, CA. Since Wolfman opened in 2014, it has been a sustainable home for Oakland’s vibrant literary, arts, and underground culture — a place where diverse and underrepresented artists and writers (both emerging and established) can gather to experiment, participate, and incubate new projects in an environment of joy and genuine connection. We regularly host over a hundred readings, performances, talks, music shows, workshops, film screenings, and gatherings a year, and publish Wolfman Books, a small press dedicated to hybrid and experimental non-fiction, poetry, and artist books.

ISSUE THREE: SUMMER 2018 features:

  • New Writings from: Amy Berkowitz, Julian Talamantez Brolaski, Justin Carder, Pia Cortez, Davey Davis, Leora Fridman, Ali Giordani, Blair Johnson, Jacob Kahn, Jordan Karnes, Kevin Killian, Tara Marsden, Charlie Macquarie, Margaret McCarthy, Louise McCune, Claire Mullen, Zoé Samudzi. el李, Eric Sneathen, Avery Trufelman, Helen Shewolfe Tseng, José Vadi, Leila Weefur, and Jennifer Williams.
  • Conversations with Maya Dusenbery, Sarah Burke, Lauren Whitehead, Geoff Saba, Sarah Toshie Cargill, Pete Lee, and Summer Mason.
  • Visual art by Muzae Sesay, PJ Gubatina Policarpio, and Helen Shewolfe Tseng.
  • Book selections by Brontez Purnell