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Product Image Many of Them: Vol. III (This Must Be The Place)

Many of Them: Vol. III (This Must Be The Place)

Many of Them [This Must be the Place] Vol. III is a fashion book in its truest form. This multilingual (French, English, and Spanish) book weaves together art and clothing (an art in and of itself), effortlessly. Comme Des Garçon’s “The Magic Island” does just that. It combines beautifully styled clothing, writing, and photography to create an environment. In fact, all content—attached to names like Dries Van Noten, Geoffrey B. Small, and La Maison among others—in this weighty book does the same. It also finds a way to focus on location and environment, whether it be an imagined place within a photo series or commentary of the world we live in within the context of fashion. 

Interviews with designers and filmmakers, such as Susan Cianciolo and Khaven de le Cruz, combined with writing by designers focus on their experiences in and perspectives of the word of fashion and art. This magazine is filled with interesting imagery that can easily serve as reference material.

Limited edition of 1000.

Volume 4 now avaiable!