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Product Image Pentti Monkkonen: Box Truck Paintings

Pentti Monkkonen: Box Truck Paintings

Box Truck Paintings is an artist’s book that presents the series of paintings Pentti Monkkonen exhibited in 2014 in Switzerland at the Hacienda gallery in Zurich and at Truth and Consequences in Geneva.

The “paintings” represent a continued engagement with transit, and are actually hybrid combinations of sculpture and painting. The tension inherent in the work evolves from this dual existence: relief sculptures of trucks which are also paintings on the trucks’ surface. In order to highlight the correlation between the art market and our oil-based lifestyle and capitalist superstructure, the work creates parallels between techniques of contemporary painting and traditional methods of image-making, on the sides of trucks.

The publication is accompanied by a stimulating conversation—especially commissioned—between the artist, and the writer and curator Aram Moshayedi.

Pentti Monkkonen is an American artist based in Los Angeles. Monkkonen edits and publishes the newspaper The Kite.

18.5 x 25.5 cm, 40 pgs, color, hardcover

*discounted unwrapped display copy available, with mild surface imperfections on the cover, in otherwise new condition.

$ 24.00