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Product Image Yuji Agematsu: ZIP: 01–01–14…12–31–14

Yuji Agematsu: ZIP: 01–01–14…12–31–14

ZIP: 01–01–14…12–31–14 is an annual. It records, in photographs, a year of an ongoing work Yuji Agematsu has been habitually making since the mid-1990s. To accomplish this work, Agematsu takes daily walks and drops what he finds into the cellophane wrapper from a cigarette pack. The book is accompanied by a facsimile of the notes Agematsu keeps to map when and where these objects were encountered.

Printed and bound in an edition of 1000.

Softcover, perfect bound, 368 pages + 48-paged booklet, 5.3 inches x 7.5 inches, 2015.

**Please Note: This is either the last copy or one of the last copies of this book. It has been on display for a while and has some wear and damages. The applied discount is to account for any damages and the book is for sale as is with no returns. If you have any questions please email us!

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