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Product Image Jordan Stein & Jason Fulford (Editors): Where to Score

Jordan Stein & Jason Fulford (Editors): Where to Score

Where to Score collects ads from the classified section of the San Francisco Oracle. The ads range from a poet needing a harp to ads for drummers or carpenters to the desperate pleas of parents seeking their wayward children.

The San Francisco Oracle was a countercultural newspaper published in the city's Haight Ashbury neighborhood during the height of the Hippie movement. It's twelve issues combined poetry with spirituality and were published from September 1966 to February 1968. 

Paperback, 56 b&w pages, 4.25 inches x 6 inches, J&L Books/Kadist, February 2018.

Please note that there are different colored covers and item will ship randomly with an either blue, yellow or purple cover. 

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