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Product Image Quinto Quatro Quarterly Vol. 3 April 2019

Quinto Quatro Quarterly Vol. 3 April 2019

Quinto Quarto Quarterly "Art Through Interview" is a print-only limited run publication from Los Angeles-based artist, Jess Scott. It features long-form interviews resembling oral histories rather than the standard Q&A's. This third issue features interviews with Martin Rev of Suicide, Tobi Vail of Bikini Kill, and Japanese avant-garde musician Phew from Osaka. It examines a printed-history of Suicide live shows as well as a unique visual tour diary by Phew made in Europe.

"Quinto Quatro is literally translated from Italian as the fifth quarter [...] the phrase designates dividing animal meat in pre-modern Rome: [...] What was left, the "fifth" was the leftovers, the offal for the proles, the rest of us." - Jess Scott

Tape-bound, paperback, 8.5 inches x 11 inches, Quinto Quarto Quarterly April 2019. 

Each issue comes with a 20 inches x 29 inches double-sided newsprint full-color companion poster of imager from Suicide and Tobi Vail!

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