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Product Image Mudboy: Hungry Ghosts CD

Mudboy: Hungry Ghosts CD

For most of us the doors of perception are triple-bolted shut and cast in bomb-proof iron. Only supernatural shapeshifters (or career criminals) can slip through and seize the wisdom within. But, there is a secret key: musick-as-magick. Providence, RI patch-cable conjuror Mudboy is such a key-cutter and his unlocking labors on this long-player stand at the summit of his already awesome discography. Alchemizing stylized soundtrack suites, organ wizardry, and elegantly meditative harmonium hallucinations, Hungry Ghosts! These Songs Are Doors slow-burns an urn’s worth of ritual powders and powers, filling the speakers with a sign language of smoke runes and ghost tones. Lie on the floor and be floored by Mudboy’s primordial plainsongs.

Record comes housed in a dizzyingly intricate laser die-cut fold-over cover with a flame-silkscreened inner sleeve

**Please Note: This is either the last copy or one of the last copies of this book. It has been on display for a while and has some wear and damages. The applied discount is to account for any damages and the book is for sale as is with no returns. If you have any questions please email us!