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Product Image New Laconic: IDIOM #1

New Laconic: IDIOM #1

An idiom is a group of words whose overall meaning cannot be derived from the meaning of its constituent words. In short, the parts do not equal the whole. Despite this linguistic trick, idioms exist all around, in every language, and each acts like a small window into a culture's beliefs and the way it sees the world.

IDIOM explores the role that written and visual metaphors play in establishing shared languages. Each issue comes in a different but familiar format. IDIOM #1 is conceived as an editor's letter, written as a collection of personal letters, and establishes the intention and concerns for this series moving forward!

Softcover Staple-Bound Zine, Folded in Half Enclosed in Zipped Plastic Bag, 7 inches x 10 inches (full), New Laconic, 2017. 

Special editions include a lenticular card!