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Product Image Abraham Cruzvillegas: Autoconstruccion

Abraham Cruzvillegas: Autoconstruccion

Alphabetical order, old as words, implies a redefinition experience, not in terms of the practice, but from an order imposed by the alphabet. Abraham Cruzvillegas retrieves the alphabetical order to organize a series of projects that would otherwise be bewildered. Vital experience converted into Method becoming Manifesto.

Identity is a never-ending task conducted by being part of a collectivity. A work of art’s identity depends solely on the work itself, which makes it somewhat difficult to control or dominate. Conflict isn’t alien to the self-construction of an artistic project.

Contemporary? Manifestos! (01)

Softcover, perfect-bound, risograph, 4.5 inches x 6.5 inches, 44 pages, Gato Negro Ediciones, 2017


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