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Product Image ACRES Issue 4

ACRES Issue 4

ACRES is a curatorial project created by Jasmine Sarp and Danielle Criqui that presents creative and critical works. Focusing on art and writing by Baltimore artists, ACRES also seeks out national and international participants, to encourage a far-reaching dialogue with earnest culture makers.

Issue #4 features:

Sophia Belki
John Chae
Suzie Doogan
Kodi Fabricant
Essence Harden + Texas Isaiah
Eric Allen Hatch
Rosemary Liss
Evie Metz
Maya Martinez
Brian Nicholson + Jacob Khepler
Anja Salonen
Jennifer Juniper Stratford
Brendan Sullivan
Kyle Tata
Bertrand Uberall
Nick Vyssotsky
Shan Wallace
Corinne Warnshuis
Hermonie “only” Williams

Softcover, 7.75" x 10.25", color and black & white, ACRES 2017.

$ 18.00

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