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Product Image Alexander Heir: Death is Not the End: The Work of Alexander Heir

Alexander Heir: Death is Not the End: The Work of Alexander Heir

Brooklyn artist Alexander Heir has been drawing strange, other-worldly pictures for years. Previously, these illustrations have only adorned 7-inch record jackets (notably bands such as Hoax, Forward (Japan), The Mob (UK), Nightbirds, Destruction Unit, and Modern Life Is War) and xeroxed flyers across the international punk underground, this book now offers a new collection of the artist’s finest illustrations.

Alexander Heir’s art has all the prominent elements of 50 years’ worth of subversive underground culture. Somewhere between Garbage Pail Kids and Tom of Finland, this is the kind of art that gets kids in trouble with their parents. Heir’s morbidity, which is blended with a sick humorous quality has a penchant for the bizarre, taboo, and a raw, physical compulsion has allowed him to achieve such delightfully confounding imagery. Referencing an eclectic cache of dark symbols in his unapologetically graphic style, he has created a stunning and recognizable collection of work.

Perfect-bound softcover with dust jacket, 164 pages, 7.75 inches x 9.5 inches, Second Printing, Sacred Bones, 2017.  

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