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Cakeboy Magazine

Cakeboy is an art brand that produces collaborative editorial content for unapologetic bottomists the world over and a breeding ground for the disruptive faggotry founded and edited by Sean Santiago.

Cakeboy Issue #7 THIRST features stylist, designer, photographer and pianist NICOLA FORMICHETTI interviewed by the one-and-only AQUARIA and shot by the talented mononym JEIROH. + Andrea Long Chu, Skype Williams, LA’s indie music darlings & self-care down there!

Cakeboy Issue #6 Finish Him ~*~fashion and faggotry~*~ features new erotic fiction from Whiting Award-winning author Brontez Purnell and porn-star-cum-drag-queen Ty Mitchell, essays on the end of men by Mitchell Kuga, Grace Perry and Sean Santiago, profiles of an international crushterfuck of cuties to keep an eye on, plus spring fashion editorials "that will make you squirt! Spring has sprung, henny."

Softcover, perfect-bound, 112 pages, inches x inches, Cakeboy Magazine, 2018.

$ 16.00

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