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Product Image F Magazine

F Magazine

is a biannual magazine published and edited by Adam Marnie.

The second issue picks up where the inaugural issue left off. Themes as divergent as memory, confession, forensics, advertising, sexuality and authorship are butted up against one another, offering complex paradigms of truth and falsehood with a photographic hinge. Featuring work by Michel Auder, Aaron Aujla, Mike Bones, Heather Bursch, Corey Escoto, Suzanne GoldenbergAdam Gordon, Christopher K. Ho, Albert Herter, Thatcher Keats, Matt Kenny, Justin Lieberman, LMLL, Rose Marcus, Adam Marnie, NOWORK, Eileen Quinlan, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Aura Rosenberg, Patricia Treib, Fred Wilson, Matt Wycoff and Kevin Zucker. 

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