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Product Image ed. Maria Cristina Mundici: Inside Carol Rama

ed. Maria Cristina Mundici: Inside Carol Rama

A photographic book on the museum house of one of the most eccentric female artists of the 20th century. With over a hundred photographs, this volume explores the rooms, objects, and light of the apartment in which Carol Rama has been living and working for over seventy years, retracing the personal life and artistic career of the great painter. The book is intended to disclose a secret place, in which the artist has gathered countless mementos over the years: ones from her family, donated by friends such as Man Ray, Carlo Mollino, and Andy Warhol, or collected in memory of special situations or people. While apparently scattered, these objects have actually been arranged with great care.

Hardcover, 9 1/2 x 11 inches, 190 pages.