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Product Image ed. Michalis Pichler: Books and Ideas After Seth Siegelaub

ed. Michalis Pichler: Books and Ideas After Seth Siegelaub

Seth Siegelaub (1941-2013, New York), a curator, gallerist, and author is best known for his promotion of conceptual art in New York during the 1960's and 70's.

Books and Ideas after Seth Siegelaub looks at the books produced by Siegelaub in the 1960's and their renewed influence on artists and their publications today. Michalis Pichler, curator of the exhibition at the Center for Book Arts NY (2013), offers this catalog as a window into an ongoing conceptual discourse with Siegelaubs books as the platform. Extensive illustrations and bibliographic details are featured including Siegelaub's Xerox Book (1968), which was printed in offset but has since been xeroxed and openly reproduced by numerous artists and publishers. His publications, often taken as starting points for new projects, are substantial artworks in their own right. Also included: Siegelaubs work with the Art Workers Coalition, a draft of The Artists Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement on contemporary art and activism, and the last interview with Siegelaub by Pichler.

Softcover, Perfect-Bound, 6.8 inches x 9.4 inches, 128 pages, Sternberg Press. 

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