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Product Image Hai Hsin Huang: Now is the Past

Hai Hsin Huang: Now is the Past

Now is the Past was jointly published with There is No Future by the same artist. While There is No Future vividly depicts the crowds of curious visitors of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, Now is the Past blows-up and focuses on the faces of the personages. 

This miniature book is printed by traditional letterpress machines, making the viewer look closer to each and every masterly portrait. The two books, big and small, seek to capture Huang's macro- and microscopic views of the world.

Printed by Teleport Press with Heidelberg 10-inch x 15-inch T-platen Letterpress. 

Sewing stitches and perfect binding, 447 pages, 1.5 inches x 1.9 inches, nos:books, Taipei, Taiwan, 2016. 

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