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Product Image Isa Genzken: Ground Zero

Isa Genzken: Ground Zero

Styled as a magazine, this publication presents a new body of work--architectural proposals for Ground Zero, the twenty-first century's most historically significant site--by the important German artist Isa Genzken. The proposals take the form of architecturally induced sculptures produced in consultation with a team of specialist engineers so that each model can be realized to its true architectural scale. Running contrary to official designs, Genzken envisions buildings with social purpose--a church, hospital, car park, disco, memorial and shopping center. Her proposals draw upon her long-standing love affair with America's breathtaking cityscapes and all-pervasive pop culture. With their glitzy, seductive surfaces, slim rectangular forms and frenetic energy, they betray a fascination with the skyscraper and with New York City in particular: "To me New York has a direct link with sculpture."

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