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Product Image Jedediah Caesar: *CATALOGUE/ALBATROSS/BADGER... USB Catalogue

Jedediah Caesar: *CATALOGUE/ALBATROSS/BADGER... USB Catalogue

This USB drive contains an animated book of pictures of sculptures shown at Jedediah Caesar's shows Soft Structures at the MFA Boston, and /ALBATROSS/BADGERS/CHIMPS/DINO/
EMPIRE/EXTENSOR/FENCE/GOLDEN/GRANITE HILL/HEAVENS/INSIGNIFICANT/LARK/MR.TUX /ORANGE PEEL/PURPS/RAMPA/SWINGLES/THIN SPOT/UPSHOT/WHITE KNIGHT/YELLOW PAINT/ZIPPER at D'amelio Gallery in NY. This unique catalogue comes housed in a small plastic vitrine with the title of the piece printed on the USB's lanyard.

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