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Product Image Klaus Weber: Kranke Fuchs 12"

Klaus Weber: Kranke Fuchs 12"

The song kranke Fuchs is meant as a manual about how to get rid of yourself as an inextricable part of an unacceptable structure. At the same time it represents a conception of the available options of acting productively within it.

On the record cover you can see Klaus Weber as an apeman. The image refers to the cover of a 1963 record by Klaus Kammer, reciting Kafka's brilliant Report to an Academy, the story of an ape who has decided to become human, while he found himself amongst humans in forlorn captivity.

There were two pieces on the one track of the record, using different frequency ranges, which were played simultaneously - one for the crickets and one for human perception. When the record is played, Weber is also singing inaudibly for the crickets.

Crickets use a very high frequency sound for their communication, which cannot be perceived by the human senses. The crickets' chirping of which we are so fond is in fact no more than acoustic debris to which the crickets themselves are utterly oblivious. The same applies to our voices which reach the crickets' "ears" as an abstract acoustic hiss only.