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Product Image Life of a Craphead: Bugs

Life of a Craphead: Bugs

Bugs is the first feature film by Life of a Craphead and a satire about a bug society and its most successful family. The Bug Prime Minister, Shay (Gerry Campbell), has ruled the Bug Garden for many years and is finally, reluctantly, retiring. He’s chosen his niece, Gaston (Liz Peterson), to take over — but Gaston, who is plagued with ambitions to be the Bug Garden’s most respected politician-architect-filmmaker — is folding under the pressure. Dan (Gwen Bieniara) is his other niece, but she’s a dreamer and can’t be trusted; she’s full of conflicting ideas and tries to act on all of them.

Life of a Craphead is the collaboration of Amy Lam and Jon McCurley since 2006. Their work spans performance art, film, and curation.

Running time: 72 min.

$ 20.00

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