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Product Image Michele Abeles: Zebra

Michele Abeles: Zebra

This is the first monograph of New York-based artist, Michele Abeles, featuring work from the past 7 years. Abeles is known for blurring the lines between photography and art by producing work that plays with ideas of spatial depth, the human form and how information is conveyed. Many of her images are made to resemble stock imagery and in the recent years, she has also incorporate found images into her work.

She is represented by 47 Canal in New York and Sadie Coles HQ in London. This publication showcases works from her exhibitions at both galleries as well as her work included in the 2012 New Photography exhibition at MoMA. Also included is Reconsidering Skills in Digital Composites: A Conversation between Isabelle Graw and Michele Abeles. Graw is an art critic and one of the founders and sole editor of Texte Zur Kunst.

Her newest exhibition also titled Zebra is currently on view at 47 Canal until December 18. 

Edited by Domenick Ammirati, Sadie Coles HQ, and 47 Canal. Designed by Joseph Logan and Michele Abeles with assistance from Rachel Hudson. Printed and bound by Conti Tipocolor, Italy. 

Edition of 1000. 

Softcover with Embossing, 104 Pages, 7.1 inches x 10 inches, Sadie Coles HQ/47 Canal 2016.


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