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Product Image Patrick Doyle: MAX

Patrick Doyle: MAX

This limited edition large-format photo zine collects photographs, video stills, and text by Patrick Doyle. MAX is a vivid look inside of Patrick Doyle's life with his husband, Max Padilla by collecting photographs by Patrick shot on his 35mm camera in and around their Silver Lake home.

Patrick moved to Los Angeles in 2016 to start his life with Max. After Max's death in 2017, Doyle began putting together a book in tribute to him. After Patrick's death in 2018, Mika Books worked with Marion Herbain to finish the book which became a tribute to both men and their life together. 

Patrick Doyle was a musician born in Scotland, who played in bands including Veronica Falls, Correcto and The Royal We. He made solo music as Boys Forever and Basic Plumbing. He died at age 32, in March 2018.

Max Padilla was an LA-based publicist and journalist, whose writing appeared in publications including from The Los Angeles Times and WWD. He died in September 2017.

Softcover, loop-stitch, 48 pages, 8 inches x 11.5 inches, Makina Books, September 2018.

All proceeds go to the Los Angeles LGBT Center!



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