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Product Image Periodico: Periodico 001

Periodico: Periodico 001

Periodico is a new Zurich-based journal edited by Marc Asekhame & Teo Schifferli. 

 Periodico 001 contains: 

  • Marc Asekhame in conversation with Julia Moritz
  • Hammersmith by Timothy Standring
  • Sceneries: a dialogue on publishing arrangements by Sabrina Tarasoff in conversation with Naoki Suter-Shudo
  • Ursina Gysi
  • VENUS by Ilya Lipkin
  • Supplements, Models, Prototypes by Christopher Williams
  • Zones of Accumulated Distortion by Jan Vorisek
  • How I Wrote 'Elastic Man' by Bob Nickas
  • Olivia by Miriam Laura Leonardi
  • WORD SQUARES by Karl Holmqvist
  • Bleeding From The Waist by Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho

Softcover, Perfect-Bound, 7.125 inches x 10 inches, 110 pages.