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Product Image Raymond Pettibon: Thinking of You

Raymond Pettibon: Thinking of You

Thinking of You is a scrapbook, a diary, perhaps even a pillow book, of intimate meditations on the many moods of that particularly sensitive motif – the phallus. This book was produced in conjunction Raymond Pettibon’s premiere North American museum exhibition at the Renaissance Society in 1998. His show featured over 500 drawings stylistically derived from cartoons, West Coast punk, B movies, and tabloid melodramas. Captioned with quips and adages inspired by an amalgam of literary sources – William Blake, Gumby, Charles Manson, Batman, the Bible, etc. – the drawings are always exquisite, street-dealing a Viagra for the soul. 

Hardcover, 232 pages, 9 inches x 12 inches, Renaissance Society Chicago, 1999.

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