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Product Image Rob Shum: Flicking Glass Snails

Rob Shum: Flicking Glass Snails

Flicking Glass Snails is a new publication, edited from drawings made by Rob Churm in the summer of 2012. The drawings are often improvisations but can be informed by notes and preparations made in sketchbooks. Limiting himself to the discipline of drawing offers Churm a position from which he is able to explore a whole kaleidoscope of images, a great collective set of sources. Keeping the materials simple Churm enjoys playing with the types of marks that can be made, using repetition of motifs and pattern, layering them to create depth. There's lots to think about in there too, as well as lots to look at. The work is fertile and colourful in a different way.

Rob Churm is an artist and musician living in Glasgow. Recent work has included a publication project, Prawn's Pee which is an anagram of newspaper. The P.Pee team built a temporary print room and published a daily edition for the duration of the G.I. Festival 2012.


Saddle stitched, 24 pages, b/w photocopy, 14 x 20 cm, edition of 100, 2012

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