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Product Image Seth Price: Fuck Seth Price

Seth Price: Fuck Seth Price

A novel by Seth Price.

He became aware of Nineties hip hop wafting through the air like a wave of lab-engineered corporate oxygen, and saw that he was sitting in the teeming, cavernous space of a hotel lobby. Well-dressed young men sat all around him hunched over their phones, their gazes occasionally darting around nervously like animals guarding their kills. He abruptly stood and began heading toward the reception desk. 

From boutique hotels and highway bridges to PC terminals and off-ramps; from Kanye West and Jeff Koons to George Bush and Patricia Highsmith; from the playground to the internet to the mirror, Price's hybrid of fiction, essay, and memoir gets to the central questions not only of art, but of how we live now.

Hardcover with Dust Jacket, 122 pages, 4 inches x 7 inches, Second Edition, Leopard Press 2016. 

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