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Product Image Sound Journal: Do-Nothing

Sound Journal: Do-Nothing

For the inaugural issue of Sound Journal, ‘Do-Nothing’, musicians were asked to compose ‘music you listen to when you don’t want to do anything’. Six ambient musicians from Japan and Belgium, 夕方の犬(u ・ェ・), H. TAKAHASHI, Hegira Moya, Endurance, takao and Lieven Martens (Dolphins into the future) contributed unique interpretations on the theme. 

Sound journal is a cassette tape compilation series with a curated theme for each issue. Musicians were asked to respond to a theme suggested by the curator. 

Curated by Masahiro Takahashi
Mastered by Shiraishi Kazuya (mmnr)

Cassette tape with Download Code, Slow Editions, 2018.

Edition of 260. 

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