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Product Image The Everyday Press: Art & Language: The Fox Set

The Everyday Press: Art & Language: The Fox Set

Short lived periodical steaming from the New York wing of the Art and Language group (ALNY). Joseph Kosuth, Karl Beveridge, Ian Burn, Sarah Charlesworth, Michael Corris, Andrew Menard, Mel Ramsden and Terry Smith wrote articles which thematized the context of contemporary art; these exemplify the development of an institutional critique within the inner circle of Conceptual Art. The criticism of the art world integrates social, political and economic reasons. Of interest are, for example, the Australian Modern Masters polemic or the Yugoslavian connection; the book and exhibition reviews attest to, in the words of Michael Corris, “the will and energy to continue the conversation in good faith; to ‘go-on’ as we would say.”

Edited by Sarah Charlesworth, Michael Corris, Preston Heller, Joseph Kosuth, Andrew Menard and Mel Ramsden.

First published by Art and Language in 1975.
Republished by The Everyday Press in 2012.

Set of 3 Issues, Perfect Bound, Risograph Printed, The Everyday Press, 2012.

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