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Product Image Various Artists: Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. III 2xLP

Various Artists: Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. III 2xLP

Volume Three is another eclectic sampling of vintage "ethnic" recordings taken from the storerooms atThe Secret Museum of Mankind. A Rhodesian hymn of praise precedes a 1948 recording of an Uzbeki diva, while the serpentine melodic lines of a Greek clarinetist follows the contemplative resonance of a 1939 solo performance on the Chinese qin or chin (a plucked zither). Though one may think that the enormous musical breath of the CD might make listening to it a scattered and unsatisfactory experience, this is not the case. The historical context within these works presented -- worldwide recordings made between 1925 and 1948 -- give this and the other Secret Museum works a cohesion that allows for disparate musical examples to be placed side by side. All in all, this CD gives the listener a window into another time, when recording technology was young and Western popular music had not invaded every corner of the globe.

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