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Product Image Wade Guyton: Couleur et Fabrication

Wade Guyton: Couleur et Fabrication

Couleur et Fabrication corresponds with Guyton's second solo show at Giò Marconi gallery in Milan. In 2003 Guyton started to use a cheap printer to print images over pages torn from design, art and architecture magazines all dating from the 1920s to the 1980s, to produce "printer drawings". For this particular series of works Guyton tore images from an Italian lamp catalog from the 1960s and marked the pages with differently colored geometric lines. He started this body of work by running these already-printed pages through a desk job inkjet printer - thereby using his traditional ink jet printing technique he also employs for his large-scale canvases. Guyton dialogues directly with the book and the objects that populate its pages: the image is separated - physically torn - from the context and subsequently revised by the computer's inserting of pure geometric elements that overlap and, at the same time, are juxtaposed to the subject. He creates a new figuration which is reminiscent of Russian Constructivism and the Bauhaus.

Softcover, Perfect Bound, 10.5 inches x 10.5 inches, Galleria Gio Marconi 2011.