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Product Image White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel is devoted to the visual manifestation of food and culture produced within the lives of creative individuals. Interested in the intersections between the various creative fields, White Zinfandel is the continuation of a curatorial experiment, coupling food and art as a reliable means of provoking unexpected reactions, cravings and curiosities.

The theme of food extends to the launch of every issue, with a curated dinner curated by the reactions of the chef. The dinner itself is an opportunity to create a more immersive artistic experience for the invited community of fine artists, writers, architects, curators and designers.

The cover of Issue #5 is printed with UV sensitive ink. When exposed to sunlight, the white cover turns pink, and returns to white when removed from direct sunlight.

Softcover, 9" x 13", color.

$ 20.00

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