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Product Image Danielle McCullough: Ring Out Wild Bells!!!

Danielle McCullough: Ring Out Wild Bells!!!

Danielle writes of this zine:
"In this book, I have memorialized the gestures of distracted clerical workers, myself included, who have inadvertently inserted ourselves into the historical archive as embodied mistakes --disrupting the seamless translation of public domain texts into digital commodities as we insert our fingers into the margins. During breaks in my work at a library I've scanned a 1901 version of Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem "In Memoriam" and inserted a parallel message in American Sign Language.  This finger spelling interprets notes of encouragement, taken from the Tennyson poem and Naomi Klein's address to the Occupy Wall Street movement."

Staple bound, 206 pages, 6" x 8", b&w photocopy, 2011

**Please Note: This is either the last copy or one of the last copies of this book. It has been on display for a while and has some wear and damages. The applied discount is to account for any damages and the book is for sale as is with no returns. If you have any questions please email us!