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Product Image REVERS éditions: Gil Rigoulet: Evreux, 1977-1987

REVERS éditions: Gil Rigoulet: Evreux, 1977-1987

Gil Rigoulet grew up in Évreux, France and worked for a local weekly paper for his first photojournalistic job. Photos that were taken during this time appear in this photo zine from REVERS éditions! 

REVERS éditions is an independent publisher based in Paris, France publishing limited edition photo zines that have a specific subject within France. Each zine is an archive that perhaps was never shown and will each tell a story of a place, an era, or a way of living.

Softcover, staple-bound, 28 pages, 6 inches x 8 inches, English/French, REVERS éditions, June 2018.

Edition of 300. 

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