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Product Image Jeff Hassay: Beach Boys House: Dirt Sounds

Jeff Hassay: Beach Boys House: Dirt Sounds

This is a hand-made record containing soil from the house where Brian Wilson grew up in Hawthrone, California. The house no longer exists, just a modest statue commemorating the location. 

The audio is an 18-minute field recording of the location on an afternoon in 2016, along with Jeff Hassay's occasionally audible breath and the wind, various animals, cars, planes, a helicopter and various gardener's tools all lend their sonic presence. It was recorded almost exactly 50 years after the Beach Boys album, Pet Sounds was released. 

Each record is a unique vinyl made from clear resin and soil. Soil arrangement will differ from picture. 

Single-Sided LP, 2-Sided Color Poster with Interview, 33 1/2 RPM, 17:52 minutes, Small World, 2017.

Edition of 100.