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Product Image Bulletins of the Serving Library

Bulletins of the Serving Library

BULLETINS OF THE SERVING LIBRARY is a composite printed/electronic publication that follows a direct line from Dot Dot Dot, the semi-annual journal founded in 2000 and published by Dexter Sinister. The “bulletins” that make up each issue are first published online as PDFs at www.servinglibrary.org over a six-month period, then assembled and printed. Each collection makes up a semester's worth of loosely-themed material, with its constituent PDFs grouped together on the website.

Issue #1 was intended as an expansive statement of intent, broadly concerned with Libraries, Media, and Time (though not necessarily in that order); Issue #2 emerged from a course we ran at The Banff Center in the Summer of 2011 titled “From the Toolbox of a Serving Library,” and mostly circles around Education; while Issue #3 doubles as a catalog-of-sorts to "Ecstatic Alphabets / Heaps of Language," a group exhibition at MoMA (New York) from May 6 to August 27, 2012, and is preoccupied with the more social aspects of Typography. Issue #4 circles around psychedelia, although a lo-fi, black-and-white flavor and emerged from the exhibition Dexter Bang Sinister at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen and Issue #5 passes like an arrow through the past, present, and future of Germany. Issue #5 passes like an arrow through the past, present, and future of Germany. Issue #6 circles around the outskirts of Fashion. Issue #7 is about Numbers.


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