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SALT. Magazine

SALT. magazine is a contemporary art and feminism journal and research collective. It acts as a platform for artists and writers to reflect on the politics within their work. It was founded by Saira Harvey, Hannah Regel, Thea Smith, and Jala Wahid, during their BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths College at the beginning of 2012. It marked dissatisfaction with a lack of feminist political discourse within the institution and the urgent need to foster a community. It was formed to exist within a wide gap that we perceived between simplified, maligned feminism within the media and an inaccessible academic feminist track.

SALT. Issue 7, Heterophobia explores the productive possibilities of the phobic, the suspicious, and the negative as responses to the increasing culture of the visible in which the queer functions in the present. Following in lead of the political right’s recent call to protect their phobia as basic freedom, Heterophobia explores the ways in which a fearful response to heteronormative structures and ideas, often in the name of equality, might provoke new chains of affect and desire which might restructure the very processes by which fear and/or love is named.

Guest edited by Villa Design Group; with contributions from: Aliza Shvarts, Samuel Kenswil and Christopher Whitfield, Juliana Huxtable, Kristian Vistrup Madsen, Huw Lemmey, Elliott Fairweather, Owen G. Parry, Maria Toumazou, James Sturkey, Rosanna McLaughlin, Hatty Nestor, Anna Thew, Indrani Ashe, Rosie Renolds, Daniella VG, Rose Goddard

Perfect-bound, 280 pages, 5.75 inches x 8.25 inches, English, Montez Press, 2015.

SALT. Issue #6, Manifesto attempts to put into circulation performative gestures of disobedience and nonquiescent articulation as models for experimental protest. In a climate where traditional modes of articulating refusal through physical action have become criminalized or dangerous, language, and furthermore what can be done with it, becomes the only potent weapon left. Errors in our communications offer space for disruption and subsequently open up new ways to disobey through glossolalia: to speak in tongues, to be incomprehensible, and to confuse.

Contributions from: Adrienne Arcilla, Mali Collins, Giulia Damiani, Molly Davy, Freya Field-Donovan, Jack Halberstam, Saira Harvey, Aimee Heinemann, Eve Lacey, Kay Law, Hannah Regel, Thea Smith, Vicki Tingle, Giulia Tommasi, Villa Design Group, and Jala Wahid.

Perfect-bound, 52 pages, 5.75 inches x 8.25 inches, English, Montez Press, 2014.

SALT. Issue #3, Salirophilia takes its title from the sexual fetish Salirophilia. Salirophilia is a sexual fetish that involves deriving erotic pleasure from soiling or disheveling the object of one's desire. We've taken this fetish as a metaphorical culmination of the power relationships inherent in sexual interaction; the inevitability of harming or degrading a sexual being is not only expected but endemic.

Contributions from Celeste Welch, Saira Edwards, Sean Burns, Hannah Regel, Thea Smith, Michael Archer, Jala Wahid, Rebecca Jagoe, Philomena Epps, Amy Steel, and Samuel Bromley. 

Perfect-bound, 30 pages, 5.75 inches x 8.25 inches, English, Montez Press, 2013.

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