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Product Image Tropic Zine

Tropic Zine

New culture magazine from Hawaii forging connections between Hawaii and other tropics! Tropic Zine is an annual print publication, a digital platform, and an organizing collective. Our editorial content includes essays, prose, art, interviews, photography; we are a collation of new creative material that follows no singular narrative. Tropic Zine is published by Tropic Editions, a new nonprofit publishing imprint.

This first issue features contributions from: Borgy Angeles, Vincent Bercasio, Drew K. Broderick, Don Felix Cervantes, PARADISE COVE, Matthew Dekneef, e-nico, Malia Gonzalez, Alana Hippensteele, Risa Hoshino, Tejas Jhaveri, Uluwehi Kang, Simone Komine, Derrick Lee, Lil’ Deb’s Oasis, Hadley Nunes, Vincent Ricafort, Melody Sakura, Josh Tengan, Toqa, Doug Upp, Aaron Wong

Editor-in-Chief & Publication Design: Marika Emi. Art Direction: Drew K. Broderick. Editor-at-Large: Aaron Wong. Cover Photo: Vincent Ricafort.

Softcover, perfect-bound, 146 pages, 7.5 inches x 10 inches, Tropic Editions, 2018.

Edition of 500.

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