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Product Image Chloe Maratta: FLASH2 USB Flash Drive

Chloe Maratta: FLASH2 USB Flash Drive

Glass Press is a publisher of art and poetry on flash drives. For their most recent project, they invited the artist, Chloe Elizabeth Maratta to produce FLASH2. The flash drives come in a limited edition specialty packaging inspired by its content. FLASH2's packaging was designed by Maratta and Glass Press. The item features sand collected by the artist in California and Amherst sand from Petco, an acrylic box, and a paw-shaped flash drive loaded with new art from Maratta, all packaged inside of a plastic gift bag

Chloe Elizabeth Maratta is an artist based out of Los Angeles and is half of Odwalla88. She works across mediums combining elements of poetry, fashion, installation art, and music. If art is a body, Maratta is a bendy boneless body on the sidewalk as she takes objects and deconstructs them without aggression. Her work combines found text, images, and objects, often on her body or the bodies of friends. 

Acrylic Box/Two Bags of Sand/2 GB Flash Drive/Plastic Bag, Glass Press 2016.