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Product Image Brooks Headley: Specials Zines

Brooks Headley: Specials Zines

Volume 1: Specials Graveyard zine

This black and white staple-bound photocopy zine published by Ooga Booga documents the graveyard of daily specials from the first six months of the world's best burger joint Superiority Burger, founded by super-chef and drumming legendBrooks Headley. Based in New York City's East Village, Superiority Burger's core value is humility.

Softcover, Staple Bound, Black and White Xerox, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 24 pages, Ooga Booga, 2016. 

Volume 2: Specials Graveyard: No Burgers zine

Debuted at the NYABF2017! This second volume is a little thicker than the first one but continues to the document the daily specials from Superiority Burger in a black and white xerox zine!  

Softcover, Staple-Bound, Black and White Xerox, 5 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches, 30 pages, Ooga Booga, 2017. 

Volume 3: Specials Graveyard zine

Another volume documenting the amazing daily specials at Superiority Burger! 

Softcover, Staple-Bound, Black and White Xerox, 5 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches, 22 pages, Ooga Booga, 2019. 

Brooks Headley is the owner/operator of Superiority Burger, a vegetarian restaurant opened in 2015 in the East Village NYC. He has written two books FANCY DESSERTS and SUPERIORITY BURGER COOKBOOK. He was awarded the James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef in 2013. Ooga Booga has published three volumes to date of his Specials zine series, which documents the Sharpie-scrawled daily specials at Superiority Burger.  

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