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Product Image Be Oakley: Mother Nature is a Lesbian

Be Oakley: Mother Nature is a Lesbian

This zine from the Brooklyn-based GenderFail is a type book of poster and prints featuring a typeset created by Be Oakley.

After coming across a protest sign used in the NYC Christopher Street Parade in 1974, Be Oakley was so entranced by the type that he created an entire typeset based off of it. The sign displayed a handwritten "Mother Nature is a Lesbian." 

The typeset is an open-source file intended to be used for queer people and people of color in future acts of protests. It has also become the unofficial font for Oakley's publishing project GenderFail. 

Staple-bound, 36 pages, risograph, 5 inches x 7.5 inches, GenderFail. 

Second Editon of 200.