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Product Image David Blarney & Brad Haylock (Editors): Distributed

David Blarney & Brad Haylock (Editors): Distributed

The power of knowledge lies not only in generating ideas but also in controlling their dispersion. For those who would seek to influence others, the dissemination of ideas is paramount. For those looking to protect the fruits of intellectual labor for reasons of profit or ethics, distribution is something to control. Either way, distribution is a key concern across the spectrum of cultural production, particularly at a time when digital networks have facilitated unprecedented access to audiences.

Bringing together contributors from a variety of backgrounds, Distributed presents the act of distribution as a subject of significant social and economic importance and argues that it merits serious creative consideration. From the attention-seeking impulse of the “influencer” to the democratization of art via books, performances, videos or sound, the increased urge to disseminate is explored here as an elemental phenomenon of our time.

Softcover, perfect-bound, 264 pages, 6.25 inches x 8.5 inches, Dominica.