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Product Image Other Publishing: Legends (Chinese Edition)

Other Publishing: Legends (Chinese Edition)

Legends is a publication exploring the historical roots of queerness in Chinese culture, as well as its mythical creatures and stories. This book serves as evidence that queerness has and always will exist, and the exploration of mythical creatures is a reminder for the artist, they have access to means of educating themselves on the culture that was not always taught from family. This publication is for queer people, for Asian people, for those who feel like imposters or feel fake. 

Other Publishing is an East and South-East Asian queer and trans family of artists and designers that work cooperatively as a multi-format publisher. They place value in collaborating with other queer/trans/POC artists and designers and make space for one another to make, critique, and exist.

Design by Rey Carlson of Other Publishing.

Threadbound, 46 pages, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, Other Publishing, 2019.