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Precog Magazine

Precog Magazine is an annual independent magazine of artist projects and experimental writing that explores technology, cyber-materiality, gender, and the body. Founded in 2015, they focus on projects made specifically for print interface emphasizing the experiences of women, queer artists, and artists of color dealing with contemporary issues and future desires.

Their newest issue, Empire Vampire, is the magazine's fourth issue. It brings together a group of artists to ask: what is the monstrous and the vampiric within systems of living and economy which themselves feed on the energy and resources of their inhabitants; and how can art address questions of expansion, infection, predation, and the undead?

Volume 4, Empire Vampire features contributions from: Angelina Dreem, Anthony Iacono, Barbara Calderón, Brook Hsu, Candystore McCritter, Cara Chan, Carlos Jaramillo, Anais Lalombriz, Carlos Vela Prado, Dafna Maimon, Davey Whitcraft, Iiu Susiraja, Iman Raad, Michael Stamm, Ira Eduardovna, Ivy Haldeman, Kayla Gibbons, Kenneth Tam, Khari Johnson Ricks, Lily Sheng, Loren Britton, Goda Klumbyte̊, Lucia Caleta, Mateo Tannatt, Michael Marcelle, Michael Sims, Mitchell Noah, Sarah Stefana Smith, Joy Davis, Priscilla Jeong, Rodrigo Quintero, Spencer Longo, and Steven Mayer. 

Paperback, perfect-binding, 8.25 inchs x 10.75 inches, Precog Magazine, 2018.

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