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Product Image Wood Kusaka Studios Series

Wood Kusaka Studios Series

Wood Kusaka Studios (the studios of artists: Jonas Wood and Shio Kusaka) have produced and published a series of limited edition artist catalogs based on Petite Encyclopedie de l’art, a paperback edition of artist books published by Tudor during the 1950’s through the 1970’s.

The WKS series includes:

Paintings by Brian Sharp with an essay by Richard Lidinsky

Small Sculptures by Matt Johnson with an essay by Pascal Spengemann

Pots by Shio Kusaka with an essay by Michael Ned Holte

器 by 日下 翅央(Japanese Translation of Pots by Shio Kusaka) with an essay by Michael Ned Holte translated by Stuart Gilbert

Cardboard Masks by Mark Grotjahn with an interview by Ana Vejzovic Sharp 

Still Lifes by Anne Collier with an essay by Kevin Killian

Ceramic Heads by William J. O’Brien with an essay by David J. Getsy

Objects by Amanda Ross-Ho with an essay by Erik Frydenborg

Cast, Plated, and Tiled by Ry Rocklen with an essay by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer

Figures by Tony Matelli with an essay by Mark Polizzotti

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