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Product Image 3 Teens Kill 4: No Motive LP

3 Teens Kill 4: No Motive LP

In 1980, David Wojnarowicz worked at the famed four-floor nightclub Dacceteria alongside 

Brian Butterick and Jesse Hultberg. They formed a band playing their first show at a Danceteria staff party. The poet Max Blagg chose their name from a headline of a New York Post headline. 

Julie Hair joined them for their second performance making them a 4-piece ensemble. As they prepared to record their first album, Doug Bressler joined the group expanding the group's instruments to include actual guitars in addition to the toy instruments, a flute, a clarinet, spoken word, a microphone sewn into a glove and a can of beans that the group was known to use. In 1983, Wojnarowics left the group but continued to collaborate with its members in various ways until his death in 1992. In 1984, Bill Gerstel joined the band adding drums to the band's already noisy and experimental sound. 

No Motive is their only LP to be released and was recorded in 1982. The original LP was put out by Point Blank Records in 1983 with a re-release by a French label in 1984. It was then re-mastered and re-released on vinyl by Dark Entries Records in 2017 with 3 never-before-heard songs added to the track list.

Side one: 

  1. "Hold Up"
  2. "Tell Me Something Good" (A cover of the Chaka Kahn song written by Stevie Wonder with added sound from a newscast of the attempted Reagan assassination)
  3. "5/4"
  4. "Crime Drama"
  5. "Stay and Fight"

Side two

  1. "Circumscript"
  2. "Hut/Bean Song"
  3. "Hunger"
  4. "Visitation"
  5. "Desire"

12-inch LP, Dark Entries Records, June 2017.

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