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Product Image AKUA: Them Spirits LP

AKUA: Them Spirits LP

The debut album from Canadian Los Angeles-based vocalist, writer, and producer AKUA! 

Written, Produced, Arranged and Performed by Akua Carson. 

Additional and Co-Production by Alex Talan. Engineered by Alex Talan. Additional Engineering Philip Shaw Bova & Akua Carson. Vocals recorded by Akua Carson. Mixed by Kenny Gilmore. Mastered by Dave Cooley. Cover Image: Jazmin Garcia & Robby Piantanida. Design and Art Direction: Symrin Chawla.

Recorded at Cool World West, Port William Sound, Bova Labs, Gail’s Basement, Lone Palm Studios, DreamHouse.


1. Righteous Way 
2. Heaven 
3. Offering 
4. My Body 
5. Queen 
6. If 
7. To Show 

12-inch vinyl, AKUA, 2019.