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Product Image Brontez Purnell & Jason Kendig: Lay Down Your Burden Boy 7"

Brontez Purnell & Jason Kendig: Lay Down Your Burden Boy 7"

A springtime collaboration between Brontez Purnell of the Younger Lovers and Jason Kendig of Honey Soundsystem. Lay Down Your Burden Boy marks a perfect intersection between Brontez’s loveworn, D.I.Y. punk and Jason’s underground dance party devotionals. 
“He Never Knew What Kissed Him” is a vulnerable, achingly beautiful pop song. Brontez has a scoundrel’s croon, set here perfectly in a cradle of breezy, wistful Farfisa and skittering percussion.

“When I See You Out” is a peak time Hi NRG banger, sweeping and assertive. Built atop a turbulent bassline and insistent vocals, it comes off like the indie grandson of Sylvester’s “Mighty Real.” 

The two songs combine to tell a story - side A for those quiet, hopeful moments getting ready at home, side B the living sound of the dancefloor that lured you out. 
Brontez Purnell has been publishing, performing, and curating in the Bay Area for over fifteen years. He is the author of the cult zine Fag School, frontman for The Younger Lovers, and founder and choreographer of the Brontez Purnell Dance Company. He is the author of The Cruising Diaries, Johnny Would You Love Me If My Dick Were Bigger, and Since I Laid My Burden Down, winner of the 2018 Whiting Award for fiction.

Jason Kendig is a producer and DJ best known as a member of Honey Soundsystem, the San Francisco based collective inspired by pivotal gay underground parties and dance music history. Honey Soundsystem has performed around the world, presented an international host of DJs in San Francisco via their weekly party, and resurrected the lost gay porn soundtracks of Hi NRG producer Patrick Cowley.

Jason previously contributed to The Younger Lovers LP Sugar In My Pocket (2013). Lay Down Your Burden Boy is the first freestanding document of their work together.  
7 inch, Jabs, 2019. 
JABS 02. Edition of 300.