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Blank Forms Journal

Blank Forms is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting emerging and underrepresented artists working in a range of time-based and interdisciplinary art practices, including experimental music, performance, dance, and sound art. 

Issue #2 of Blank Forms' Journal, Maryanne Amacher remains a focal point, with three pieces related to their work with the pioneering sound artist’s archive. The late polymath avant-garde artist Tony Conrad is represented twice, through a selection of handwritten notes and a new transcription of a 1989 phone interview with Alan Licht. It includes contributions by Marcus Boon, Catherine Christer Hennix, Patty Waters, Larry J Nai, Limpe Fuchs and Zoro Babel, Akio Suzuki, Amy Cimini, Scott Fisher, Olaf Stapledon, Andrew Lampert, Klaus Lang, Tashi Wada, Dafne Vicente-Sandoval, John Corbett, Annea Lockwood, Crys Cole, Matana Roberts, and Kan Mikami (translated by David Hopkins). Edited by Lawrence Kumpf and Joe Bucciero.

Softcover, perfect bound, 6 inches x 8 inches, Blank Forms, 2018.

Issue #1 of the Blank Forms' journal brings together a combination of never-before-published, lost, and new materials that supplement their live programs with a focus on figures working within the world of experimental music and art. Issue #1 was edited by Lawrence Kumpf and Joe Bucciero with contributions by Greg Bear, François Bonnet, Bill Dietz, Dennis Hermanson, Shelley Hirsch, Branden W. Joseph, Dawn Kasper, Joe McPhee, Ian Nagoski, Adrian RewBruce Russell, and Richard C. Skidmore.

Softcover, perfect bound, 6 inches x 8 inches, Blank Forms, 2017.


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