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Product Image Cali Thornhill DeWitt: 29 Flags

Cali Thornhill DeWitt: 29 Flags

Cali Thornhill DeWitt’s new body of work is a series that consists of 29 vintage Stars & Stripes, with flock lettering, in various sizes and from various time periods and places. Each work refers to a specific event in American history, from the death of Marilyn Monroe to the Waco siege, Elvis’ comeback concert, the Manson Family, Traci Lords’ underage porn, the Unabomber and the trial of O.J. Simpson.

29 Flags investigates and reflects on events that mesmerized America and the rest of the world. These are not all major events seen in the harsh light of history, but mass media made them unavoidable and pushed them into the realm of common western consciousness. These are all stories that we watched unfold in what seemed like real time. DeWitt deconstructs these moments, his language a mixture of haiku poetry, TV shop, breaking news and text message. With an introduction by Jesper Elg of V1 Gallery and an essay by William Pym.

Softcover, Perfect-Bound, 80 pages, 5.9 inches x 8.7 inches, At Last Books, 2017.

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